Response to: Israeli Nazis

salixj said: I agree. I called someone out on their comparing Lapid to a Nazi. I was very upset by the whole discussion. The person also compared me to a Nazi, but later claimed s/he didn’t.

It’s horrible and people still keep doing it! Do I have to spell out word for word why it’s wrong for people to call other people Nazis? And Kal Vachomer why it’s wrong for Jews to call other Jews Nazis? 

sarah-bracha said: I’m sorry about your previous experience but if you had been there yesterday you would know it was not a demonstration. It was literally davening and saying tehillim. There were no speeches or yelling or rioting, just Jews praying.

That’s really positive that yesterdays demonstration didn’t sink to what I saw. I have friends who went and they told me all about it. They told me it was hectic, they got trampled and probably stepped on a bunch of a children accidentally. 

jewishatheist said: nice piece. and awesome that you got it published! (do you normally write for them?) cheers

Thank you so much! I write for them as a blogger occasionally. I try not to make it like a job where I feel like I have to churn out pieces. I write when I feel passionate about something. 

Something small I’ve written about what scares me most about Jewish debate. Looks like we haven’t learnt our lesson after 2000 years of Galut. 

I’m giving a shiur

Tomorrow night about the Jewish perspective on capital punishment. Would anybody interested if I record it and upload it to tumblr?

You know that feeling when you've learnt a second language forever and then a native speaker mistakes you for a native?
Me: *on phone to Mum about what she wants me to buy for like 5 mins while walking around the store*
Israeli check out guy: You know, I help you?
Me: לא ידעתי מה אמא שלי רצתה אז התקשרתי אליה
Israeli check out guy: מה?!! גדלת בארץ?
"english fear" by Anonymous

I’m assuming this is a follow up question to the DT anon.

If you’re concerned about the standard of your English, send your DT to a friend with good grammar skills. I’m sure they’ll help you edit it!

Each time you/or your friend finds an error, rewrite that word or a phrase a few times on another sheet of paper and use it in a sentence. This method really improved the spelling and grammar in my Hebrew essays.

If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask. My inbox is always open :)

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"i really wanna start writing weekly parshas but i'm nervous to for some reason. do you have any tips?" by Anonymous

Start off by learning parshat hashavua. Usually, one thing will really stand out to me and I’ll research that as much as I can. I skim all the mefarshim in the mikraot hagdolot on that particular phrase and see if anything connects to me. 

Once you find out what you want to write about, try and find references to that topic in other places. Look at all the sources the mefarshim mention and go back to the original source: Gemara, Midrash etc. 

Once you’ve written out your Dvar Torah have a friend read it. I know when my chavruta reads my DT she often pushes me to research further and make more connections between ideas. This always results in a more nuanced and layered DT which is awesome :) 

Final step - publish it and know that you’ve done your job in making Torah more accessible to people in the word. 

Of course it’s nerve wracking to publish your work in an environment where the whole world can see it but what have you got to lose? In my experience everyone’s been really supportive :)

+ One of my favourite dishes to cook. It may not look picture perfect but damn, it tastes good.

One of my favourite dishes to cook. It may not look picture perfect but damn, it tastes good.

"Why do you defend zionism?" by fearlesssun

Because it’s important to me.

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2014: The year of a new format

I don’t know if you’ve been able to tell but I’ve been doing a lot less reblogging lately. I’ve decided I want my blog to become a record of my own writings and essays, rather than unoriginal content. 

I have no interest in getting involved in Jumblr’s messy politics and opinions, so I won’t be getting involved in reblog wars. Rather, when someone posts something that I disagree with, I’ll write an essay about it. I think it will make my blog look neater and easier to read. 

The only problem with this approach is that it may limit my interactions with the Jewish and Zionist communities on Tumblr. To combat this I invite you all to my ask box where you can ask about my opinion on any topic under the sun. 

Blessing you all with a pleasant and prosperous 2014. 

"I'm orthodox jewish but Arab and I feel like God hates us Arabs a lot and I want to be able to serve God to the fullest of my ability but I don't know how if I'm part of a race God hates. What should I do?" by Anonymous

I don’t know what you’ve experienced to make you feel so bad about your Arab background but its completely irrelevant to your religious practice. 

God doesn’t hate you. God is your Father, He loves you! I don’t think God hates any race, all His creations are His children. I don’t know why you think God hates Arabs but I think its a toxic attitude and it would be good for you to just try and forget it. 

How can you serve God to the best of your ability?
By being shomer Torah and Mitzvot to the best of your ability. THAT is what God cares about, not what race you are. 

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