"That is old news. And you're framing it from a very nationalistic perspective. If you can't care for the non-militant human beings that call themselves 'Palestinians' (or, 'Muslims'... or, whatever they call themselves), then I really wonder what Hashem would think about this divisive decision. Unless you're a secular Herzl-esque Jew, LOL. No one likes Herzlism anymore, at least not in practice. Nationalism is dead." by doctorofnothing-deactivated2013

The video is actually rather recent - it was only released last month which is why I posted it. I also posted it as many people seem to believe that only Zionist extremists claim that Palestinians are a ‘fake nation’. If any Hamas official, let alone an inner cabinet manner can proclaim it - why should others be able to? 

It’s interesting you bring up caring for non-militant human Palestinians, as I actually (kind of) pity Palestinians. I feel awful that their education system indoctrinates them into hating Jews and Zionists whilst praising Jihad and martyrdom. I’m horrified that Palestinians are given the death sentence for selling land to Jews. 

However, that pity does not compromise my beliefs - which are primarily based on my religion. As a religious Jew, I believe that our claim to Israel is first and foremost from G-d. As a religious Jew, I feel my patriotism and nationalism is mandated from the Torah.

and dwell therein; for unto you have I given the land to possess it.

(Numbers 33.53)

for all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed for ever.

(Genesis 13:15)

And many, many more verses.

As a religious Jew, I realise that we’re not supposed to the rejoice in the misfortune of our enemy - but honestly, that’s very difficult when the face of your enemy is one of a murderer who will slit the throat of a 3 month old baby as she sleeps. 


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