Here’s an excerpt - I recommend reading the rest

"The 350 Mehadrin bus[1] from Bnei Brak to Ashdod is normally jammed, but at 3 PM more than half the seats were still vacant. Four young women in slacks, obviously not from the Haredi[2] or religious neighborhoods along the route, boarded the bus at the stop adjacent to the Coca Cola factory in Bnei Brak

. Rather than moving to the rear of the bus, they sat down demonstratively in the front two rows seats on the right side of the bus. Some of the male passengers were baffled; two others decided to get off the bus. A Breslever Chassid, sitting across the young ladies on the left side of the bus, simply closed his eyes and smiled.

This was not a reaction that the headline-seeking heroines were looking for, having so boldly entered the mobile Haredi lion’s den.”

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