After the horrifying Toulouse Massacre that shocked the world earlier this year, senior students in Australia decided that they will not sit back and watch the victims slowly be forgotten. Instead, they initiated a project to ensure they will be remembered by the Jewish world forever. These students have decided the they want to donate a Sefer Torah to the Kotel in memory of the victims of the Toulouse shooting. 

However, writing a Sefer Torah costs a lot of money. That’s, where YOU come in! 

By pressing the link above, you have the ability to donate money to this project by either buying a letter in the Sefer Torah, buying an entire Parsha, or simply donating an amount of money of your choice. The money you donate will directly contribute to the writing of this special Sefer Torah. 

Click the link below to view a video presentation launching this project.

Also, like, the Torah for Toulouse Facebook page, by clicking the link below!

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