"Dont you think it is a bit harsh to completely write off the entirety on Germany, based on something that happenend so long ago. Please dont get me wrong, I understand the horror that occurred, but The current germans repent so much for what happenend, and there are so many Germans who died fighting their own government and fighting against Hitler's rule, who incidently is Austrian." by Anonymous

On a logical level I completely understand that Germany today is completely different from Germany in the 20th century. On a logical level I understand that Germans today are repentant and Germans also suffered under Hitler’s regime. But at the same time, Germans should not be completely absolved - they were the ones who elected Hitler. 

However, to me, the Holocause wan’t so long ago. I grew up hearing about it, we were told the “war stories” at the dinner table and before we went to sleep. The Holocaust has always been part of my life. I know my grandparents’ stories, how they suffered, how their parents and grandparents were tortured and murdered. I think it is most likely impossible for me to feel anything positive towards a country that in the recent past organised the systematic killing of 6 million of my people. 

I think the most important thing for me to recognise about myself and for you to realise about me is that while I can differentiate on a logical level, I cannot on an emotional level. To me, Germany will still always be the country who murdered my family and organised the genocide of my people. 

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