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Figuring out how to register to vote in the 2012 Presidential elections.

I don’t even live in the U.S. Nevertheless - I take this privilege seriously. I am a U.S citizen and it is my responsibility to vote.

President Obama’s Hanukah Message

GBTV: Campus groups promoting antisemitism and anti-Israel ideas on campuses

This makes me scared of going to university outside of Israel. The only university I’m looking at here does not have any Jewish societies on campus, but does have a students for Palestine union.

Dear big brother,

Remember the day I borrowed your brand new car and I dented it? I thought you’d kill me, but you didn’t. And remember the time I dragged you to the beach, and you said it would rain, and it did? I thought you’d say, “I told you so.” But you didn’t. Do you remember the time I spilled strawberry pie all over your car rug? I thought you’d hit me, but you didn’t. And remember the time I forgot to tell you the wedding was formal and you showed up in jeans? I thought you’d yell at me, but you didn’t. Yes, there were lots of things you didn’t do, But you put up with me, and you loved me, and you protected me. There were lots of things I wanted to make up to you when you returned from Iraq.

Sincerely, …but you didn’t.

Aliyah and Israel’s economy

Unemployment in Israel stands at 5.5%, a figure that is historically low.  By comparison, unemployment in the US is above 9% - close to double.

When the majority of Jews lived in America, Hashem sent a shefa, an overflow, of material blessing to the US.  However, since the majority of Jews now live in Israel, the direction of the flow has shifted. Israel’s economy is strong and getting stronger. The economies of the US (and Europe and Russia) are in decline.  One doesn’t have to be a Torah Jew to see how clear this is.  Just watch the news.

- Bat Aliyah

You Ask- PM Netanyahu Answers: Returning to Israel