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+ Well, I found this in my morning read of the newspaper. Blatant anti semitism in the media? No big deal.

Well, I found this in my morning read of the newspaper. Blatant anti semitism in the media? No big deal.

Amran Hussain EUJS speech at the UN 21st of March 2011 

EUJS speech at the UN during the Item 7 to support Israel, Against UN disproportional reaction. As a Muslim student, he wanted to explain himself and why he decided to make this speech.



“And truth be told, anti-Zionsim, is simply a mask for anti-Semitism”

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LOL. Okay, let me say just agaaain. JUDAISM AND ZIONISM ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!. Just because I don’t like the policies of someone that is a Zionist doesn’t mean I…

What I am about to write, I am writing from experience as an Orthodox Jew. I have been raised in an Orthodox family, and attended a religious school. So…I would say I know what I’m talking about.

Here, I will once again address the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel because I feel people do not truly understand it. I will not address ignorant allegations of Israeli Apartheid and Occupation as those topics have been addressed numerous time in the past and have not produced any results - rather, people continue to slander Israel despite being dispoven.

God made a convenant with Abraham in Genesis. Part of that covenant was giving the Land of Israel to Abraham’s descendants - the Jews. 

The Torah has 613 Mitzvot. One of those Mitzvot is “Yishuv Haaertz” - actually living in the Land of Israel.

No one can complete all 613 Mitzvot - commandments (as some Mitzvot are specific to diffent sectors of Jewish society), but there is a section of Mitzvot known as “Mitzvot Shetluyot Baarets” - commandments that depend on the Land. These are Mitzvot that can only be completed in the Land of Israel. For example, the Shemitah - the sabattical year and Yovel - the Jubilee year.

Chazal (the Jewish Sages, of blessed memory) compare Jews who do not live in the Land of Israel to idol worshippers. In fact, Jews are only allowed to live outside of Israel for a few “reasons”. These reasons include making a living and finding a soulmate.

For the 2000 years of Jewish Exile, the goal, the dream and the aspiration was to always, live in out ancient homeland. Every year after Yom Kippur and at the conclusion of the Passover Seder we proclaim “L’shanah Habaah Beyerushalayim” - Next year in Jerusalem. In our prayers in every day, we mention Israel and Jerusalem countless times.

Zionsim, is purely the determination of Jews to live in their ancient homeland. Zionism, and making Aliyah - moving to Israel from the Diaspora, is essentially the manifestation of an ancient, Divine commandment.

By being an anti-Zionist, one is denying the Jewish right and will to live in their ancient homeland.

By being an anti-Zionist, one is denying the commandment of God.

By being an anti-Zinoist, one is denying the word of God.

By being an anti-Zionist, one is an anti-Semite.

I’m not the first to say this, nor am I the last.

Even Marting Luther King Jr. agreed with me.

Anti-Semitism. The Suicidal Passion

GBTV: Campus groups promoting antisemitism and anti-Israel ideas on campuses

This makes me scared of going to university outside of Israel. The only university I’m looking at here does not have any Jewish societies on campus, but does have a students for Palestine union.

"And truth be told, anti-Zionsim, is simply a mask for anti-Semitism"

The United Nations has made the democratic State of Israel the target of incessant condemnation while neglecting its mandate in challenging the oppressive regimes around the world.

The following film clip uncovers the factors behind the UN’s bias against Israel. We encourage you to view the clip, forward to friends, and partner with us to counter the hypocrisy and expose the truth.

Join us September 21, 2011 in holding the United Nations accountable for its actions at a pro-Israel demonstration as the UN launches its third World Conference against Racism (Durban III). The event will take place opposite the UN Headquarters in Dag Hammershald Plaza, NYC at 11:00 AM. We hope to see you there.

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