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+ Went to the Australian embassy in tel aviv this morning to cast my vote in the federal election.

Went to the Australian embassy in tel aviv this morning to cast my vote in the federal election.

The Israeli Left reaches breaking point with Hamas

"The UN is concerned about the so-called Palestinian refugees. They dedicated a separate agency for them, and they are treated with a special privilege.Meanwhile, my people, ethnically cleansed, murdered and enslaved, are relatively ignored. The UN refuses to tell the world the truth about the real causes of Sudan’s conflicts. Who knows really what is happening in Darfur? It is not a “tribal conflict.”"


Fly Me To Ramallah On Delta Airlines

I can barely breathe because I’m laughing so hard.

Delta Airlines recently offered its Sky Miles members the opportunity to use their air miles to fly to “The Occupied Palestinian Territories”. This is a little absurd, considering that there are no international airports in the area that the Palestinians call ‘occupied’ .

Israel - Seeing is believing


Israel & Google Earth

An aerial view of Israel’s security dilemma and settlements.

Have you ever used Google Earth to take a look at Israel and the West Bank? Israel and its neighbours are often very close together, and understanding that is important to making peace. Come along with us as we examine this tenacious problem from a birds eye view.

+ vshavubanim:

Arriving in the Holy Land


Arriving in the Holy Land

Tel Aviv to shut down bike rental service on Yom Kippur
The Magic of Israel

By: L.W

There’s a magic that the country yields;

It’s modern roads that cut through fields;

It’s distant mountains filled with trees;

It’s heat subsiding to the breeze;

It’s kosher food; it’s eating out;

Shabbat, with so few cars about.

It’s the stunning sunset and the view-

Soft pastel clouds that fade to blue,

A place of history and life,

Too many times was fraught with strife;

So many cultures filled this land,

Too many troubles close at hand;

And yet, it’s made us stronger still;

It’s houses nestled in a hill-

It is the land of new and old

And it is Jerusalem of gold;

It’s Tel Aviv, the Golan Heights,

Cafes round archaeological sites;

It’s seeing the Kotel, with every stone,

The feeling that you’ve made it home.

It’s Hebrew- an ancient and Holy tongue,

That’s being used by everyone;

It’s Tzfat, Eilat, the low Dead Sea,

It’s riding down the river, free;

It’s soldiers standing late at night,

With strength and pride to serve and fight;

It’s felafel that really makes us sing,

And ‘Al Haesh’ for everything;

It’s the view - that ever-present view,

It’s distant mountains faded blue

And sweeping cities, buildings tall,

It’s rivers and a waterfall;

It’s to realise a dream from in the stars;

It’s none too nicely driving cars,

And provided that it brings no harm,

It all makes up the country’s charm.

That makes me call this my home too,

And home to every type of Jew.

It’s modern roads that cut through fields;

A magic that this country yields…