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President Obama’s Hanukah Message

Muslim Brotherhood: “One day we’ll kill all Jews”

It looks like the Arab Spring is really going to result in “moderate liberal democracies”,7340,L-4153207,00.html

Camp David Accords - 1978

1. Egypt

- peace treaty with Israel

-return of Sinai

- Diplomatic relations and trade with Israel

2. Palestinians

-autonomy for Palestinians in Judea and Samaria (West Bank)

This dragged on stagnated

Causes of the Yom Kippur War 1973 (and its devastation)

1. Egypt and Syria needed to restore their honour after their previous humiliating defeats

2. Israel was overconfident from its previous military victories and because the United States was supplying arms to Israel. (It was the Cold War and the Soviet Union was providing arms to the Arab countries)

3. Sadaat, (Egypt) wanted Israeli withdrawal from the Sinai before/without negotiations 

4. Syria and Egypt prepared for a surprise attack with the support of the Soviet Union

5. Israeli intelligence ignored reports as they thought an Arab attack was unlikely during Ramadan (and they wouldn’t dare attack Israel because of Israel’s military prowess).

"I’m always in favour of Israel responding strongly when it’s threatened."

Steven Spielberg

Palestinians reject negotiations again


Israel called Sunday for an immediate return to peace talks under the framework of a proposal by the Quartet — the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and Russia.

But the Jewish state said the plan included no preconditions — an interpretation the Palestinians quickly rejected.

Aliyah and Israel’s economy

Unemployment in Israel stands at 5.5%, a figure that is historically low.  By comparison, unemployment in the US is above 9% - close to double.

When the majority of Jews lived in America, Hashem sent a shefa, an overflow, of material blessing to the US.  However, since the majority of Jews now live in Israel, the direction of the flow has shifted. Israel’s economy is strong and getting stronger. The economies of the US (and Europe and Russia) are in decline.  One doesn’t have to be a Torah Jew to see how clear this is.  Just watch the news.

- Bat Aliyah

"President Abbas just stood here, and he said that the core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the settlements. Well, that’s odd. Our conflict has been raging for — was raging for nearly half a century before there was a single Israeli settlement in the West Bank. So if what President Abbas is saying was true, then the — I guess that the settlements he’s talking about are Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jaffa, Be’er Sheva. Maybe that’s what he meant the other day when he said that Israel has been occupying Palestinian land for 63 years. He didn’t say from 1967; he said from 1948. I hope somebody will bother to ask him this question because it illustrates a simple truth: The core of the conflict is not the settlements. The settlements are a result of the conflict."

— Benjamin Netanyahu - 23 September 2011

Arafat Signed Oslo Accords As Trojan Horse

Looks like the Palestinians didn’t really want peace after all

PM Netanyahu and President Obama Hold Joint Press Briefing at UN